Comprehensive School Safety

Every child’s life is brimming with limitless potential. Schools help children discover life’s possibilities, learn about the world around them, and grow into confident, productive members of society. To fulfill this function, schools should be places where children can learn and play in a safe environment. We can help.

Having managed more than $25 billion in education construction for more than 1,300 educational clients, we have a unique understanding of the challenges facing our schools. We also have nearly 75 years of history providing safety and security evaluations, critical infrastructure protection, training, and logistics services to defense and intelligence clients. This collective experience makes us exceptionally qualified to secure and protect educational facilities.

A Security Provider You Can Trust

We specialize in handling complex situations, integrating with our clients, and delivering rapid results. Our comprehensive school safety solution provides world-class preventive and protective safety and security measures to our schools and supports the educational process by creating the safe learning environment our teachers and children need. We evaluate vulnerabilities; analyze and prioritize measures to be taken; and implement training programs, awareness campaigns, and an integrated technology solution that can immediately make schools more secure. Our proactive solution focuses on identifying security threats and preventing incidents before they occur, using both physical measures, like crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), and the technological approaches that we’ve honed working for the defense and intelligence communities.

By pairing our technology with CPTED, which is a multidisciplinary approach to deter criminal behavior, we can provide a superior level of safety and security. Our total solution offers an unmatched level of efficiency, with automated assist capabilities that eliminate the dependence on multiple analysts who would otherwise be necessary. Our predictive analytics focus on prevention and can even link those in need with appropriate mental health services.

Peace of Mind Through Technology

Our technological solution constantly monitors and analyzes all available data streams with live recognition across all school facilities to predict threats and prevent incidents in real time. This technology disseminates information into the hands of the right decision-makers at the appropriate agencies. Based on the data, actionable items are communicated to the appropriate channels, including counselors, principals, resource officers, and local law enforcement, via mobile devices or other platforms. They apply protocols and procedures unique to the threats and operational parameters for the campus, school district, and law enforcement jurisdiction. It also allows users to automatically generate reports and rapidly share intelligence across multiple locations. The system easily imports structured data into the report generation tool with alerts possible to desired leadership across the entire district, and connections to campus systems provide first responders with live feeds and information in real time.

School Safety Begins Today

The time is now to take action and prevent the next school tragedy. Our schools should be safe places where students can learn unencumbered by the threat of violence. Our administrators, our teachers, and our children deserve it.

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