CIP Survey Findings

ICS Engineers Confirm Gap Between IT and OT

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With more than 90 percent of critical infrastructure assets in America owned by private sector interests, understanding the degree to which OT and IT cyber solutions have converged is not a matter of simply asking federal government officials for a report. The answer lies with the employees, management, and boards of directors of the companies and cooperatives that operate critical infrastructure assets.

“Thousands of networked devices installed in critical infrastructure facilities are improving operating efficiency but increasing cyber risk. …This survey shines a spotlight on the fact that converged OT and IT solutions are lagging behind the converged threat,” said Carey Smith, President of Parsons’ Federal business unit.

Key CIP survey findings include 66 percent of respondents indicating that their organizations are adding more connected industrial internet of things devices to ICS in the OT environment, 80 percent of respondents specifying that OT environments are using a mix of old and new technologies, and 78 percent of respondents revealing that they are not highly involved in ICS cybersecurity.

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