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Our business partners are critical and valued members of the Parsons team. As a member of one of our partnership programs, you will get access to our full portfolio of products as well as support for technology development, integration, marketing, and sales.

Whether you are you looking for a traditional reseller agreement or a value-added partnership, Parsons is looking forward to working with you to expand your business.

Join Our Team Of Valued Partners:


Detectwise logo
It can be incredibly challenging to reactivate businesses, government and public facilities, and universities while protecting everyone’s health, safety, and security. That’s why, in support of everyone’s desire to transition to a new normal, we’ve developed an integrated, touchless suite of solutions called DetectWise™
iNET logo
The Intelligent NETworks® (iNET™) Smart Mobility Platform is industry-leading software that cities, states, and municipalities use to improve the livability of their communities. By applying state-of-the-art operational solutions, iNET™ helps improve the management, efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of transportation networks – whether freeway, highway, toll road, transit route, tunnel, or arterial road.  

Grid Armor logo
Grid Armor™ is a suite of predictive resilience solutions that help utilities improve operational efficiency and avoid catastrophic events. Including solutions for wildfire prevention, major storms, and cybersecurity, Grid Armor uses real-time data from disparate systems to provide predictive, simple, meaningful, and actionable information.
Intelligent Intersections logo

Our Intelligent Intersections Solution is brilliant in its simplicity. Using existing hardware and other data sources, we gather information at intersections and use advanced analytics and algorithms to provide a dashboard of information. Traffic engineers can use this dashboard to keep tabs on intersections, visualizing data in real-time, and adjusting much more efficiently and effectively than the manual alternatives.


The Performance-enhanced Airborne Reconnaissance Low (PeARL™) camera system is a suite of electro-optical sensors with flexible configurations that provide sharp, precise, high-resolution aerial imagery in support of mission requirements. 
Dfuze logo

Dfuze™ is an Intelligence Management System that contains databases and fields that either the user or Subject Matter Experts define. It is quick and easy to add data and media of any kind via desktop or smart device and by using the linking feature, searching the data is fast and simple.

QRC logo

We design and develop products manufactured to exceed mission requirements for our SIGINT and EW customers. Our product design philosophy focuses on excellent mission performance, low SWaP, ease of use, and dependability. Learn more about WBT® and PlayMaker®.
ICS logo

The Integrated Collection System (ICS) product line includes industry-leading cellular and wireless network characterization solutions. ICS passively collects data, which allows for a wide range of applications such as characterizing advanced cellular and Wi-Fi networks; detecting rogue cellular base stations; and passively locating cellular base stations. The breadth of ICS products allows users to find the right product for their needs including tactical, stationary, and commercial applications.

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