Built Environment

Breaking Boundaries and Connecting People

At Parsons, we don’t just plan, design, or manage the construction of buildings or developments. We enjoy our work and relish the opportunity to find innovative and technologically-sound ways to solve our customers’ toughest challenges. Whether we’re planning a mixed-use development or designing buildings where people live, learn, or work, we produce better communities for happier people through the application of our end-to-end urban development and infrastructure core competencies.

Building a Global Reputation

Around the world, we contribute to both new construction and renovation projects, including airports, schools and universities, hospitals, office buildings, and residential developments. Our expertise also encompasses government facilities, museums, parking structures, conference centers, and other administrative spaces.

Our skilled master planners, infrastructure engineers, and project and construction managers have completed thousands of buildings and developments throughout the Middle East and the United States while saving our customers money, increasing property value, and minimizing environmental impacts.

Advanced Solutions for Every Challenge

Our built environment projects epitomize character, break boundaries, and connect people. Where others might see buildings as structures built for specific functions, Parsons approaches architecture and planning as ways to forge emotional relationships between buildings and the people who use them. Balancing the budgetary, technical, and aesthetic concerns associated with planning, designing, and managing the construction of sustainable buildings is one of our specialties. Through our expertise, we achieve this balance while addressing safety, landscape and aesthetics, historic restoration, environmental protection, crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) principles, and transit and pedestrian integration.

While the primary goal for any building project is to fulfill its intended function, we consider it our obligation to provide beauty and efficiency wherever possible and to exceed our clients’ expectations. Satisfaction isn’t our objective. Our mission is to foster a bond between structures and the people who use them.

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