Overcoming the OT and IT Security Divide

WashingtonExec names Parsons critical infrastructure protection security expert Marianne Meins a 2018 Top 10 Executive to Watch in National Security.

Marianne Meins

Marianne Meins, Vice President of Critical Infrastructure Protection Strategy

With critical infrastructure sectors from energy and transportation to health and water under threat from external and internal hackers, the gap between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) security has become a glaring vulnerability for government and private agencies globally. Parsons’ team of the foremost experts in critical infrastructure protection positions us to deliver converged security solutions that bridge the divide.

Check out Marianne Meins’ feature in WashingtonExec to learn how Parsons technology is revolutionizing cybersecurity.

“We’re seeing the demand for infrastructure protection as very strong right now,” says Meins, Vice President of Critical Infrastructure Protection Strategy, who brings more than 25 years’ experience in cybersecurity research and development to Parsons. “Arguably, one of the most newsworthy issues of late is the threat to our cyber-enabled industrial control systems (ICS) within our nation’s critical infrastructure.”

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