Artificial Intelligence

We See Through Complex Data to Predict the Future

In today’s fast-paced theaters of operation, finding actionable, mission-critical intel in the endless deluge of data is critical. Parsons’ artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are driving faster, easier, and more efficient decision-making.With a team of the industry’s finest AI and machine learning engineers, developers, and experts, we develop predictive analysis solutions for today’s analysts.

Through scalable, web-based solutions, we cut through noisy, incomplete, multi-source data to enable meaningful real-time situation awareness and predictive analysis. Our state-of-the-art, multi-hypothesis, context-ware abductive reasoning framework identifies and exploits patterns hidden in complex data, minimizing false alarms while predicting events and situations.

Video surveillance is critical for monitoring and recording suspicious and criminal activities, yet a lack of resources means many organizations are unable to manually analyze large amounts of video data. Our advanced video processing and exploitation framework accelerates the analysis of video data, enabling the processing of tens of thousands of hours of video from different camera types, and providing real-time and forensic capabilities to identify relevant threats.

Our solutions—ranging from facial recognition to complex event processing and more—not only ensure that analysts are making informed decisions, but do so instantly and automatically.

Fully supporting several AI efforts, our solutions and services are employed by the Department of Defense and the intelligence community, extending our expertise and assistance to the ongoing development and sustainment of fielded systems at locations spanning the globe.

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