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The Story of Parsons

Company Founded


Company Founded : Los Angeles, CA

On June 12, 1944, Ralph M. Parsons decided to start his own business in Los Angeles. Mr. Parsons said that his ability to hire and retain good people was key to his firm’s quickly earning international acclaim.

Canol Pipeline


Canol Pipeline : Alaska, USA

The Canol pipeline was Parsons’ first project for the U.S. Department of War, a precursor to the Defense. By completing the engineering for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on this 1,200-mile line—begun in World War II—we secured the oil distribution network for the United States and Canada.

The Great Divide


The Great Divide : Colorado, USA

Less than 2 months after we were formed, Parsons was hired to provide turnkey engineering, management, and oil well drilling services.



INEL : Idaho, USA

The Atomic Energy Commission created the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory so that it could conduct advanced nuclear experiments with civilian and military reactors. Parsons designed all facilities for test and support operations—including the largest cast-in-place concrete arch ever poured, a span of 3,000 ft!

Missile Facility


Missile Facility : California, USA

The Point Mugu facility was instrumental in missile development and testing. Designing this medium-range missile launch site catapulted our reputation as an engineering leader in critical missile defense and space exploration facilities.

Taiwan Water


Taiwan Water : Southern and Central Taiwan

Parsons doubled its client’s sugar cane crop in 28 months! As our first job outside of North America, we helped to stabilize Taiwan’s economy following World War II. This turnkey program studied the hydrogeology, then engineered and constructed the entire irrigation system—including 139 wells.

India Water


India Water : Nationwide, India

Designated “Project Elephant” by Ralph M. Parsons, this vital water resources survey and development program for the Indian government drilled and installed 410 potable water wells throughout the country.

Sulfur Recovery


Sulfur Recovery : Louisiana, USA

Parsons was hired to design and build our first sulfur recovery plant for Consolidated Chemical Industries, Inc. Within a few years, we became the world leader in sour gas processing combined with sulfur recovery.

Iran Water


Iran Water : Nationwide, Iran

Parsons performed a groundwater survey in various areas of Iran that helped develop groundwater in areas of critical need.

Batman Refinery


Batman Refinery : Batman, Turkey

Parsons designed, engineered, and provided construction oversight for Turkey’s first oil refinery. We trained 800 Turkish nationals in various crafts to build and operate this oil production complex.

Harbor and Pier


Harbor and Pier : Karachi, Pakistan

To serve Pakistan’s commercial fishing fleet, Parsons designed and managed construction of the modern harbor in Karachi. Funded by USAID and Pakistan, the project included the infrastructures for both the port and a processing plant.

Iraq Water


Iraq Water : Nationwide, Iraq

The government of Iraq retained Parsons as the only contractor to conduct groundwater surveys in all 14 liwas (province divisions) of the country.

Sulfur Recovery


Sulfur Recovery : Lacq, France

After a huge sour gas deposit was discovered south of Paris, Parsons designed the plant in five phases to process 750 million cubic feet of raw gas and recover 4,000 tons of sulfur each day—the largest plant of its kind in the world at the time.

Nuclear Projects


Nuclear Projects : U.S., India, Italy

In the 1950s, Parsons designed and engineered 25 nuclear-related projects, primarily in the United States but also in India and Italy.

Suez Canal


Suez Canal : Egypt

The Egyptian government retained Parsons to survey the ships sunk in the Suez Canal during the 1956 hostilities. This was done to determine whether the sunken ships were a hazard to navigation, and Parsons provided recommendations for mitigating the potential hazards.

Dhahran Airport


Dhahran Airport : Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia

As Parsons’ first major airport project, we were the design-build architect and engineer on this award-winning facility. Our team featured sophisticated themes of well-known Arabic designs throughout the terminal.

Nuclear Facility


Nuclear Facility : Pennsylvania, USA

Parsons wrote the specifications for the Curtiss-Wright Corporation's research reactor and laboratory, which were used to develop nuclear technologies.

Oil Refinery


Oil Refinery : Emden, Germany

The Emden oil refinery was the first of eight European refineries designed or engineered by Parsons in 1958. We also managed construction on several sites.

Kuwait Water


Kuwait Water : Nationwide, Kuwait

Parsons conducted a groundwater survey that identified a source of fresh water, then designed and supervised construction of a delivery system to supply fresh well water to Kuwait City.



Desalination : California, USA

Parsons designed an experimental saline water conversion plant at Point Loma. This project was important in advancing Parsons' knowledge of desalination technology, which over the years has merited further research to produce a cost-effective source of drinking water from saltwater.

Minuteman Silos


Minuteman Silos : Nationwide, USA

The intercontinental ballistic Minuteman missiles were critical to the defensive strategy of the U.S. Air Force during the Cold War. Parsons designed the installation plans for each of the 1,000 ICBM locations.

Copper Concentrator


Copper Concentrator : Montana, USA

The Anaconda facility designed by Parsons featured a completely centralized and automated control system to support the 42,000 ton-per-day ore production facility.

NAWAPA Concept


NAWAPA Concept : Canada, USA, and Mexico

Parsons’ North American Water and Power Alliance concept called for building an integrated system of dams, channels, tunnels, reservoirs, hydroelectric plants, and pumping stations that would stabilize water and energy use in North America.

U.S. Mint


U.S. Mint : Pennsylvania, USA

As one of Ralph M. Parsons’ last projects, he personally managed the design of the U.S. Treasury Department Mint’s expansion. We created all construction and equipment specifications, oversaw construction, and prepared its operations and maintenance manuals.

DC Metro


DC Metro : Washington, DC, USA

Since inception, Parsons served as general engineering consultant for this $11 billion, 103-mile rapid transit rail system connecting Washington, DC, to its many suburbs. We earned seven awards of outstanding engineering achievement for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

Ingalls Shipyard


Ingalls Shipyard : Mississippi, USA

Litton (Northrop Grumman) hired us to design a totally new facility that relied on modularized construction to manufacture ships. In the 2000s, we were selected to upgrade this shipyard—and we also repaired it after the 2005 Hurricane Katrina.

Honolulu Airport


Honolulu Airport : Hawaii, USA

On this turnkey contract, Parsons designed and constructed the entire airport, including an innovative 12,000-foot runway on an offshore reef to minimize noise in Honolulu and provide a spectacular view to air travelers. The runway is still used today.

DFW Airport


DFW Airport : Texas, USA

Dallas Fort Worth Airport is so large it can contain JFK, O'Hare, and LAX. Unusual at the time, Parsons constructed a full-scale mockup of a typical terminal segment so builders could test the design. Our joint venture managed construction of the terminal buildings, people movers, and access roads.

FAA Upgrade


FAA Upgrade : Nationwide, USA

Parsons’ Aircraft Guidance and Tracking Program provided plans, specifications, and standards to upgrade air traffic controls in 19 facilities. Today, we are providing 24/7/365 technical support services in all nine FAA regions.

Cherry Point Refinery


Cherry Point Refinery : Washington, USA

Parsons designed and managed construction for this grassroots oil refinery at Cherry Point. It produced 100,000 bpd for Atlantic Richfield (BP) and incorporated the most technically advanced air and water pollution control systems available.

North Slope


North Slope : Alaska, USA

Atlantic Richfield (BP) and Exxon (ExxonMobil) hired Parsons to perform an engineering study that would determine if we could overcome the incredible technical and logistical engineering challenges in Arctic oil production. Our innovative work transformed the oil industry.

Sulfur Recovery


Sulfur Recovery : Worldwide

David Beavon, Parsons director of process operations, developed a sulfur removal process that increased the effectiveness of sulfur recovery in crude oil refineries and sour gas plants around the world.

Cape Canaveral


Cape Canaveral : Florida, USA

For Martin Marietta, Parsons engineered upgrades to NASA’s space program launch complex at Cape Canaveral, which we originally built as part of the Titan program.

Nuclear Power


Nuclear Power : Michigan, USA

Detroit Edison Company hired Parsons as its general contractor to provide engineering and quality assurance for the 1,150-MW Enrico Fermi-2 boiling water nuclear reactor on the shores of Lake Erie.

Iran Copper Complex


Iran Copper Complex : Sar Cheshmah, Iran

Parsons managed the design, engineering, construction management, and logistics to construct a large industrial center with port and transportation facilities that could produce 40,000 metric tons of ore a day.

Prudhoe Bay


Prudhoe Bay : Alaska, USA

Atlantic Richfield (BP) and Exxon (ExxonMobil) hired Parsons as its managing contractor for all oil and gas facilities for their portion of the east side of Prudhoe Bay. This contract was part of the largest private construction project ever undertaken in world history.

USPS Nationwide


USPS Nationwide : USA

Parsons provided modernization and construction program services on the new construction on more than 100 major U.S. postal installations. We also refurbished and upgraded local post offices and large mail-handling facilities.

Yanbu, Saudi Arabia


Yanbu, Saudi Arabia : Red Sea, Saudi Arabia

The Royal Commission of Saudi Arabia selected Parsons to transform this historic harbor into a thriving, modern port complex through its master plan, design, and construction management services. This self-contained industrial city of more than 100,000 people produces oil, gas, and petrochemical products used worldwide.



OSCO : Iran

The Oil Service Company of Iran (OSCO) hired Parsons to design and manage construction for a widespread complex of natural gas processing facilities and 4,300 miles of pipelines in Southern Iran.



ARAMCO : Saudi Arabia

Parsons designed, engineered, and managed construction of multiple facilities for ARAMCO’s Saudi Arabian gas program, which included some of the world’s largest sulfur recovery plants and shop-assembled high-pressure boilers.

Northeast Corridor


Northeast Corridor : USA

Federal Railroad Administration awarded the Northeast Corridor Improvement Program to Parsons as a $1.8 billion construction program for this 456-mile, high-speed rail service between Boston, New York, and Washington, DC. It transports the highest number of daily rail passengers in the country.

Jeddah Airport


Jeddah Airport : Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The $4.2 billion King Abdulaziz international airport spans 40.5 square miles. This 4-year, design-build turnkey program involved construction management, operations and maintenance, master planning, and design review. At its peak, the workforce totaled 14,000.

MX Missile System


MX Missile System : California, USA

For Martin Marietta, Parsons developed facilities criteria for assembly, testing, and system support of the U.S. Air Force’s MX missile system at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Kuwait Motorway


Kuwait Motorway : Kuwait

Parsons provided design, planning services, and construction management for this 55-km expressway that included 23 interchanges.

Kwinana Refinery


Kwinana Refinery : Australia

Parsons’ assignments throughout Australia included refineries, an oil bunkering terminal, mining facilities, and water/wastewater treatment plants.

Hyperion WWTP


Hyperion WWTP : California, USA

Los Angeles selected a Parsons joint venture to provide the Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Plant with program management, advanced planning, conceptual/detailed design, construction management, and startup services on all of the solids- and gas-handling expansion projects for this 450-mgd energy recovery treatment facility.

Abu Dhabi Roads


Abu Dhabi Roads : Abu Dhabi, UAE

Parsons has managed Abu Dhabi’s $2.6 billion urban highway development program since its inception in the late 1970s. As one of the world’s largest transportation and roads improvement programs, it requires the planning, design, and construction administration of an entire road transportation network.



Petromin-Shell : Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Petromin-Shell was the largest petrochemical design-build project worked by Parsons in Saudi Arabia. It was our first lump-sum, fixed-price contract—an exciting "bet the company" project for a grassroots refinery valued at $1.5 billion.

Pacific Chem Demil


Pacific Chem Demil : Johnston Atoll

Parsons was the U.S. Army Corps' engineer-of-record/technical consultant for the preliminary plant and final process designs for this chemical agent demilitarization plant. We provided technical support during procurement, construction, startup, and operations of the first plant to eliminate the Cold War’s chemical agents.

Shell Oil


Shell Oil : Mossmorran, Scotland

Shell Oil commissioned Parsons to design its natural gas fractionation plant in Mossmorran, Scotland. The plant separated 100,000 barrels per day of natural gas liquids into individual components for chemical feedstock and export.

Space Shuttle


Space Shuttle : California, USA

As facilities subcontractor to Martin Marietta, Parsons supported development of the space shuttle ground support system facilities at Vandenberg Air Force Base. We furnished conceptual design, technical studies, detailed design of portions of the facilities, and construction management.

LA Metro Rail


LA Metro Rail : California, USA

Metropolitan Transportation Authority hired a Parsons joint venture to provide commuter rail services and construction management of the MTA’s Red Line—the backbone of Los Angeles’ 150-mile rail transit system.

Stockpile Disposal


Stockpile Disposal : Eight Sites, USA

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers selected Parsons to furnish design, systems integration, engineering, and procurement for the eight chemical weapons incineration plants throughout the continental United States. This Chemical Stockpile Disposal Program has created a safer world for future generations.

Ocean Outfall


Ocean Outfall : California, USA

Parsons designed San Diego’s South Bay Ocean Outfall to satisfy the discharge requirements of California’s ocean plan. This outfall required excavating the deepest and highest internal pressure tunnel in North America.

Red Dog Mine


Red Dog Mine : Alaska, USA

Red Dog is the world’s richest zinc mine. Parsons designed, engineered, and managed construction of the air and sea ports—plus the entire mine complex. The National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum features an exhibit devoted to Red Dog.

Titan Rocket


Titan Rocket : California, USA

Parsons designed, engineered, and tested the Titan solid booster rocket test stand at Edwards Air Force Base. We’ve been a key team member on all rocket and missile launch programs in the United States.

IAD/DCA Expansion


IAD/DCA Expansion : Virginia, USA

This megaprogram hired Parsons for its planning, design management, and construction management expertise to expand the Dulles (IAD) and Ronald Reagan (DCA) airports. We performed major expansions and upgrades to these national airports—and we’re still working there today.

Williamsburg Bridge


Williamsburg Bridge : New York, USA

Parsons assisted the N.Y. Department of Transportation in the emergency inspection of the 1903 Williamsburg Bridge, spanning the East River. We mobilized seven teams that completed their rehabilitation evaluations under severe time constraints and weather conditions.

Niagara Power


Niagara Power : New York, USA

For the New York Power Authority, Parsons engineered upgrades in megawatt capacity from 1,950 to 2,500 on the Robert Moses power plant, a primary power source from Niagara to New York City and the eastern seaboard.

Great Belt Bridge


Great Belt Bridge : Storebaelt, Denmark

Parsons designed and later managed construction of the Great Belt East Bridge—the world’s longest suspension bridge at the time at 8,838 feet. We also built the four-lane highway and rail tunnel that links shipping in the North and Baltic Seas.

Heavenly Valley


Heavenly Valley : Nevada, USA

In preparation for expansion, this popular ski resort hired Parsons to update its master plan and prepare documentation addressing the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act, the California Environmental Quality Act, and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.

Port of Los Angeles


Port of Los Angeles : California, USA

Parsons was POLA’s prime consultant for the Pier 300 design—a $60 million dry bulk terminal for international commodities such as coal and petroleum coke. Housed on 140 acres, this port is one of the largest facilities of its kind.

Fernald DOE


Fernald DOE : Ohio, USA

Parsons provided engineering cleanup services to the DOE on its uranium enrichment facilities in Ohio—a $125 million, multiyear environmental remediation project on the most radioactively contaminated site in the United States.

Nevada Water


Nevada Water : Nevada, USA

The Southern Nevada Water Authority selected Parsons as program and construction manager for this $2 billion capital improvement program to increase water capacity for Las Vegas Valley—the largest, single public works contract in Nevada’s history.

SR-73 Toll Road


SR-73 Toll Road : California, USA

Parsons was the general design consultant for the 15.5-mile, divided six-lane toll road (Route 73) in the San Joaquin Hills area of Orange County. This unique undertaking was the first toll road built in California.

Russian Housing


Russian Housing : Russia

USAID awarded Parsons the officer resettlement and family housing contract to manage construction of thousands of housing units for demobilized Soviet Union army officers.

Natl Ignition Facility


Natl Ignition Facility : California, USA

Parsons designed, engineered, and managed NIF’s construction, which houses the world’s most powerful laser. This research facility is vital in studying physics and the viability of inertial fusion energy as a strategic alternative power source.

USAID Balkans


USAID Balkans : Bosnia-Herzegovina

Parsons was awarded the USAID contract to reconstruct Bosnia-Herzegovina after the war. In 2000, Parsons began managing the rebuilding of Kosovo’s schools, transportation systems, and utilities for USAID.

Tagus River Bridge


Tagus River Bridge : Lisbon, Portugal

Tagus was the world’s longest span bridge designed for both highway and railway traffic. Parsons began the structural rehabilitation and catenary designs that incorporated electrifying the railroad tracks mounted on the bridge.

UXO Removal


UXO Removal : Hawaii, USA

The U.S. Navy hired Parsons to manage island restoration and removal of unexploded ordnance that had accumulated on the island of Kaho`olawe after more than 50 years of military operations. Parsons also preserved more than 500 known native Hawaiian archaeological sites.

Olivenhain Dam


Olivenhain Dam : California, USA

Parsons designed the Olivenhain Dam. It is the tallest roller-compacted dam in the United States, the first of its kind in California, and stores up to 24,000 acre-feet of water. It was cost effective to build and was constructed in half the time.

Woodrow Wilson Br.


Woodrow Wilson Br. : Virginia, USA

Parsons’ award-winning design of the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge (international design competition) combines an aesthetic arch to capture the spirit of other bridges crossing the Potomac River with the structural benefits of a continuous girder system.

Chemical Demil


Chemical Demil : Indiana, USA

The Newport Chemical Agent Disposal Facility stored 4% of the U.S. stockpile. As the systems contractor, we designed, built, and managed its construction. In 2008, we completed operations and began dismantling the chemical weapons depot.

New Baiyun Airport


New Baiyun Airport : Guangzhou, China

Parsons’ skilled advanced planning and coordination were important factors in completing this $540 million project. The airy glass and steel architectural Phase 1 design received the American Institute of Architecture Honor Award in 2000.

Pharmaceutical Plant


Pharmaceutical Plant : New Hampshire, USA

Lonza Biologics contracted with Parsons as its program manager for the engineering, procurement, and construction of a manufacturing facility expansion that produces biotech products for name brand pharmaceutical companies.

T-REX Denver


T-REX Denver : Colorado, USA

As an equity member of the design-build joint venture and lead designer/design manager, Parsons was responsible for permanent and detour facilities, transit buildings and parking, and traffic maintenance during construction of the Southeast Corridor Transportation Expansion (T-REX) project. We improved and expanded 17 miles of Denver’s interstate and constructed 19 miles of transit lines.

FAA Modernization


FAA Modernization : Nationwide, USA

On this FAA program, Parsons was the prime contractor to implement modernization plans for the national airspace system. Technical support services included engineering, construction, environmental, fire/life safety, and installation and testing.

Chem Demil, Russia


Chem Demil, Russia : Various Locations, Russia

The DOD selected Parsons as one of its contractors to render harmless a variety of chemical weapons in the former Soviet Union and clean up/demilitarize Russia’s stockpile locations. Our Cooperative Threat Reduction Integration Contractor’s (CTRIC) consulting and management efforts helped ensure the safety of future generations.

Tacoma Narrows


Tacoma Narrows : Washington, USA

In addition to providing the overall bridge design, Parsons was the engineer of record. We performed detailed seismic engineering and design for the new structure. Our value engineering offered an innovative design and lowered construction costs.

OC Sanitation


OC Sanitation : California, USA

A Parsons-led joint venture is providing the Orange County Sanitation District with program and construction management support services for this 10-year, multibillion-dollar capital improvement program. We updated and expanded one of the largest sanitation systems in the nation.

LA Schools


LA Schools : California, USA

The Los Angeles Unified School District has a massive $20 billion school facilities program—the largest school construction program in U.S. history and the largest construction program of any kind in the nation. Our tasks range from technical support/program management to construction manager of field architects and contractors for part of the program.

All-American Canal


All-American Canal : California, USA

Parsons is the project and construction manager of the largest irrigation supply canal in the United States. This canal runs 23 miles along the Colorado River in Southern California. Our design will conserve nearly 68,000 acre-feet of water annually.

Dubai Metro


Dubai Metro : UAE

As part of a joint venture, Parsons is providing both design review and program/construction supervision for the $4 billion red and green transportation lines. When completed, Dubai Metro will be a fully automated, state-of-the-art driverless railway system.

LA Air Force Base


LA Air Force Base : California, USA

Parsons managed the design process and supported the construction efforts for the U.S. Air Force’s new, seismically stable office complex in El Segundo. As a key Air Force team member, Parsons received the Space and Missile Center Team Award for 2006.

Sand Island WWTP


Sand Island WWTP : Hawaii, USA

As the general contractor for the Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, Parsons constructed, commissioned, and turned over this completed facility to the City and County of Honolulu. We also installed one of the world’s largest ultraviolet disinfection systems for primary treated effluent.

Satellite Facility


Satellite Facility : Maryland, USA

The General Services Administration selected Parsons to provide construction management, inspection, and commissioning services for its $61 million national environmental satellite, data, and information service—and its satellite operations and data processing facility in Suitland. Parsons helped the project earn a U.S. Green Building Council LEED gold award.

Biloxi Bay Bridge


Biloxi Bay Bridge : Mississippi, USA

The Mississippi Department of Transportation awarded a design and construction support contract to rebuild the U.S. 90 bridge over Biloxi Bay, and Parsons was subcontracted to support this effort. The original bridge was one of many major highway and railroad bridges knocked out of service in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina.

New Hospital


New Hospital : Illinois, USA

The new Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital is part of Parsons’ $500+ million master agreement with Adventist Health System for the overall comprehensive program management of its facility development. West of Chicago, this is Illinois’ first nonreplacement hospital built in more than 20 years.

Miami Intl Airport


Miami Intl Airport : Florida, USA

A Parsons-led joint venture was the construction manager at-risk for the South Terminal expansion, which included a new five-story terminal, a new 14-gate concourse, and gate modifications to an adjacent concourse. Our excellent performance, along with confidence from county and airport management, led to our selection for a similar expansion of the North Terminal.

Modern Shipyards


Modern Shipyards : Mississippi/Louisiana, USA

Parsons is engineer, designer, construction manager, and program manager for this $400 million, 5-year, facilities modernization and expansion program at three Northrop Grumman ship systems shipyards in Pascagoula and Gulfport, Mississippi, and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Saadiyat Island


Saadiyat Island : Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Middle East’s largest single natural island development is under way on Saadiyat Island. Parsons designed and is managing construction for $2.2 billion of earthworks, roads, water and wastewater infrastructure, and multiple bridges linking Saadiyat Island to the mainland.

South Cobb Tunnel


South Cobb Tunnel : Georgia, USA

Parsons is managing construction of the South Cobb Tunnel, a 5.5-mile, 27-ft-diameter, deep-rock tunnel in Cobb County, Georgia. When completed, the project will provide long-term sewer conveyance capacity and equalization for local watersheds, while generating annual operational savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Pentagon Renovation


Pentagon Renovation : Virginia, USA

Parsons, in a joint venture, provided project and technical construction management services for all Pentagon renovation, modernization, and new construction. The PENREN Program encompassed approximately 6.5 million square feet on a 34-acre site with more than 17.5 miles of corridors, while ensuring uninterrupted working conditions for the Pentagon's 25,000 personnel.

Audubon Bridge


Audubon Bridge : Louisiana, USA

With a cable-stayed span of 1,583 ft, the new John James Audubon Bridge across the Mississippi River is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the western hemisphere. Parsons provided project management in this joint venture, and we designed the river crossing, 12 miles of approach roadways, and 7 other bridges.

NGA Campus East


NGA Campus East : Virginia, USA

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s Campus East features 2.4 million square feet of new buildings on 130 acres. Under a base operations support contract, Parsons provided facility management/operations, campus planning/engineering, logistics, transportation, environmental, occupational health/safety, and security.

Etihad Rail


Etihad Rail : UAE

Etihad Rail will deliver the first combined passenger and heavy freight railway in the UAE. The Parsons-AECOM joint venture is the program management consultant implementing the first phase of the project and overseeing design in the subsequent two phases of this 1,200-km total length project.

Ministry of Housing


Ministry of Housing : Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Housing program will provide the infrastructure for 500,000 new housing units throughout the kingdom. Parsons is program manager for 15 separate community sites representing 58,000 apartments and villas on about 73 million square meters of land, providing master planning, design, procurement support, and construction supervision.

Cyber Solutions Center


Cyber Solutions Center : Virginia

The Cyber Solutions Center allows Parsons to emulate customer architectures, security vulnerabilities, and risk posture. The center offers customers a means to visualize an attack—without threatening actual operations—by providing testing and demonstrations to enhance and protect operating environments.


Parsons Delivers Results!

We thrive on solving complex problems. Since 1944, our significant contributions to the world’s infrastructure have improved the quality of life for current and future generations. We are known as a preeminent source of first-of-a-kind/one-of-a-kind solutions for commercial, federal, transportation, and water resources. We deliver engineering, construction, systems and resource integration, project and program management, and environmental services to a wide range of global customers. Our thousands of multidisciplined staff embrace our core values of safety, quality, integrity, diversity, innovation, and sustainability. Working together with our customers, teaming partners, and community stakeholders, our remarkable achievements solve their problems.

Throughout the last seven decades, our “can do” approach shows that no project is too big or too complex for us to manage and complete successfully. Parsons is always ready to accept new assignments, regardless of their technical or logistical challenges. Our portfolio spans thousands of diverse projects—airports, bridges, chemical demilitarization, dams, energy generation facilities, environmental remediation and restoration, homeland defense, hospitals, missile defense, pharmaceutical plants, ports, public works, rail systems, roads, schools and universities, water distribution, and wastewater treatment systems.

We invite you to scroll through our timeline of landmark projects we’ve delivered around the world over the last 70 years, beginning with Parsons’ founding in the early 1940s up through the exciting jobs we are completing for the future.