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The answers given below are to some of the most frequently asked questions about Parsons. These questions have been divided into seven topics. If you cannot find your answer here, please Contact Us by using the quicklink.

Who We Are

Q: What is Parsons?
A: Parsons is a leading firm that provides premier technical, engineering, construction, and management support throughout the world to federal, regional, and local government agencies as well as private industries. We accept the toughest technical, managerial, and logistical challenges, and we deliver world-class solutions to our diverse customers.

Q: How did Parsons get its name?
A: Founded by Ralph Monroe Parsons in 1944, the Ralph M. Parsons Company has grown both organically and through acquisitions to become today’s Parsons Corporation. The company’s name is now Parsons in recognition of the many changes that have come about since its founding.

Q: When was Parsons founded?
A: Ralph M. Parsons founded his company in 1944, and the firm has acquired several other businesses such as De Leuw, Cather & Company (established in 1919 and acquired in 1977); The C.T. Main Corporation (established in 1893 and acquired in 1985); Harland Bartholomew and Associates (established in 1919 and acquired in 1985); and Steinman Boynton Gronquist & Birdsall (established in 1921 and acquired in 1988).  Visit our Growth of Capabilities page for more information.

Q: How many offices does Parsons have worldwide?
A: Parsons has more than 100 locations worldwide. 

Q: Where is Parsons’ corporate headquarters?
A: Parsons is headquartered in Pasadena, California, about 10 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles.

Q: Is Parsons an international company?
A: Yes. Parsons currently does business in 26 countries.

Q: In what countries does Parsons have offices?
A: See our Locations/Map page.

Q: What are Parsons’ core values?
A: See our core values page.

Q: What is Parsons’ mission statement?
A: Parsons will be the leader in the engineering and construction industry, measured by our performance, integrity, diversity, and commitment to safety and sustainability. Employees will be challenged by a professional environment of innovation, opportunity, development, and continuous improvement. We will provide high-quality services in a team-oriented, long-term relationship environment with our customers, employees, business associates, subcontractors, and suppliers across the globe.

Q: Are Parsons and Parsons Brinckerhoff (now known as WSP) part of the same organization?
A: No. The two companies are entirely separate and are not related. Parsons is Parsons Corporation, and WSP has never been a part of it.

Q: Are you the Parsons in WorleyParsons?
A: Yes. In 2004, Parsons sold its Energy & Chemicals Group to The Worley Group LLC. However, the two corporations are entirely separate and unrelated organizations.

Q: Is Parsons related to Parsons School of Design?
A: No. Parsons Corporation has never been part of the Parsons School of Design.

What We Do

Q: What are some of the recent landmark projects completed by Parsons?
A: See our Projects page.

Q: What markets does Parsons work in?
A: Parsons is a leader in many diversified markets.  Visit the Markets section of the site to learn more.

Q: In addition to engineering and construction, does Parsons provide other services?
A: Yes, we provide a wide range of technical and management solutions, including asset management; commissioning, qualifications, validation; condition assessments; construction; design; disaster response; information technology; intelligence/security; operations & services; planning; and PM/CM (program/construction management).

Q: Is Parsons still involved in the oil and gas industry?
A: Yes. Visit our Energy & Chemicals page to learn more about how we support the oil and gas industry.


Q: How do I apply for a job?
A: See our Parsons Careers page.


Q: What is ESOP?
A: ESOP stands for employee stock ownership plan.

Q: When did Parsons become 100% owned by the Employee Stock Ownership Trust?
A: In 1984, Parsons became an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) company.

Q: I’m a former Parsons employee. How do I contact the ESOP administrator?
A: Contact Wells Fargo at 1-800-728-3123.

Q: What is Parsons’ stock symbol on the stock exchange?
A: Parsons does not have a stock symbol because it is not a publicly traded company.

Q: Can I buy Parsons stock?
A: No.


Q: Does Parsons have financial statements?
A: Yes. We disclose summary financial information only because we are not a public company.

Corporate Giving

Q: Does Parsons support communities in which it works?
A: Since its inception, Parsons has given back to the communities where our employees live and work. From hosting blood drives and funding scholarships to raising money for the victims of natural disasters, Parsons quietly and consistently supports local and national charities—we want every community our business touches to become a better place to live and work because we are there.

Contact Us

Q: How can I contact the company?
A: Click here to contact us.