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Route 8, FVMS, Hong Kong

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Using innovation and technology for the safe and efficient movement of goods and people

Parsons has long been at the forefront of using technology to improve the capacity of roads and highways. An early pioneer in the development of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Parsons’ team of multidisciplinary experts provides the proven ability to assist clients with all phases of roads and highway projects, starting with planning and design and carrying through to operations and maintenance. Parsons’ expertise includes extensive experience working with multiple jurisdictions and assisting clients with the development of regional systems. Parsons’ expertise includes Advanced Traffic Management Systems, Advanced Traveler Information Systems, 511 Systems, and Traffic Management Center Design and Operations, to name a few.

Parsons’ areas of expertise in the ITS market span every category of transportation, including roads and highways, railways, mass transit, and marine ports. We have specialized expertise in toll roads, intelligent parking technology, and border crossing efficiency and security. In addition to this, we have experts with hands-on experience in all aspects of advanced transportation systems operations, including incident management.

Parsons now boasts a quarter century of leadership in ITS, and a reputation for defining industry best practices and interoperability standards. Our talented staff embodies the best and brightest minds in the industry.

Our expertise covers:

Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS)/Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS):

We specialize in the deployment of integrated ATMS/ATIS complex solutions for arterial roads, highways, tunnels, and bridges. This includes adaptive and non-adaptive traffic signal control, the whole range of strategies, and systems for the management of recurrent and non-recurrent congestion (Active Traffic Management, Incident Management, Ramp Metering, etc.), as well as integration with SCADA systems and Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) applications for multimodal and multiagency transportation systems. Parsons’ integrated ATMS/ATIS solution, Intelligent NETworks®, is revolutionizing the way that agencies deploy intelligent transportation solutions, as it offers low cost and high value options through a commercial off-the-shelf, web-based, and feature rich software. Intelligent NETworks® provides 24 different modules that can be combined to offer the exact set of features you require, now making it feasible for agencies with diverse budgets to maximize their transportation operations.

Intercounty Connector, Contracts A and B

Intercounty Connector, Contracts A and B - Montgomery County, Maryland

Our strong transportation background and in depth knowledge of traffic operations allow us to provide our clients with value that goes far beyond our outstanding technology solution. We offer a powerful ATMS/ATIS solution as well as our expertise to use it most effectively to achieve safety and manage congestion in the transportation network. From Traffic Management Center Operations (TMC), to traffic signal timing optimization, to the implementation of Transit Signal Priority (TSP), we help our clients meet their transportation management challenges.

Emergency Transportation Operations (ETO) and Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) Programs:

Parsons’ ETO team consists of internationally recognized experts with vast experience in Traffic Incident Management (TIM). Parsons has developed and implemented some of the world’s most progressive incident management programs. TIM is the practice of implementing coordinated multi-disciplinary operations to swiftly clear traffic incidents off of roadways for increased public safety, increased mobility, and reduced emission impacts on the environment. Working with transportation agencies, first responders, tow providers, and other critical stakeholders, Parsons’ ETO group has been instrumental in getting incident management legislation passed. Parsons has also managed programs which have dramatically decreased the time to recover from large scale freeway accidents and to return critical systems to full functionality. In addition, the team assists clients with the development and implementation of plans designed to ensure efficient operations during evacuations and emergency management. Parsons’ ETO team provided leadership to the United States Federal Highway Administration, in the development and implementation of a flexible, scalable and adaptable framework which defined National TIM roles and responsibilities for first responders throughout the country. In addition, our hands-on expertise in ETO is also applied by Parsons’ team to develop, implement and run Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) Programs for our clients.

Our track record includes:

  • Providing Intelligent NETworks® to over 23 jurisdictions world-wide;
  • Deploying integrated ATMS/ATIS solutions for large scale regional systems in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, Vancouver, San Diego, and Hong Kong;
  • Deploying over 20 ATMS’s for tunnel/bridge currently in operation around the world;
  • Being constantly on the leading edge:
    • First 100% fiber optics communications system design for the Highway 401 ATMS in Toronto;
    • First use of VSAT application in relief of the Northridge Earthquake in Los Angeles;
    • First use of spread spectrum radio applications for traffic signal control systems;
    • First use of Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) for traffic signals applications;
    • First design and implementation of a Total Monitoring Station in North America;
    • First Java-based user interface for an ITS central software through any web browser; and,
    • First advanced deployment of Integrated Corridor Management with on-line, real-time prediction.