Our Commitment To Health And Safety

In the 75 years since Ralph M. Parsons founded our company, the world has seen countless milestones – many exciting breakthroughs and advancements, and sadly some periods of great uncertainty. It is those times, however, when we are reminded that the true measure of humankind is not our response in times of normalcy, but how we rise to the challenge in times of adversity.

We care deeply about the health and safety of our team, partners, and customers during the COVID-19 outbreak, and remain more committed than ever to our corporate purpose of delivering a better world - from a distance.

Family Continues To Come First

As we adapt to changing norms and commitments in our personal and professional lives, our teams are relying on flexible schedules to balance their home and work. Without question, we are also keeping our teams safe by complying with government stay-at-home orders and have proactively transitioned employees to working remotely where possible.

We Remain Connected While Apart

Virtual collaboration is routine for us. Our teams are equipped with the tools and best practices they need to create in a virtual environment. With that said, we are also continually exploring new ways of using and enhancing technology to stay more connected – on a human level – with our peers and customers.

Committed To Flattening The Curve

We eliminated non-essential travel until further notice. This includes participation in industry events and internal meetings.
We have also taken appropriate isolation and self-quarantine measures as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Continuity Is Driven By Safety

Today offers anything but “business as usual” conditions. Yet our employees always know they can count on a safe work environment. For our essential services team members working on-site, we have introduced several safety-focused protocols, including additional cleaning and disinfection. Also, we have robust business continuity plans in place that will be activated where needed, in partnership with our customers.

We’ve been through a lot together. And, whether team, partner, customer, or community, we stand together even when standing apart.

As COVID-19 continues disrupting lives and businesses around the world, we are reminded that the true measure of humankind is not its response in times of normalcy, but how we rise to the challenge in times of adversity."
- Chuck Harrington, CEO

As COVID-19 continues disrupting lives and businesses around the world, we are reminded that the true measure of humankind is not its response in times of normalcy, but how we rise to the
challenge in times of adversity." - Chuck Harrington, CEO

Here To Help

Now more than ever, we cannot let the distance between us drive us apart. As solution providers, here is how we are making a positive impact.

Touchless Screening Solutions And Virus Testing

We are helping to re-imagine a return to normal operations after the COVID crisis. Our DetectWise suite of offerings helps achieve this by enabling the public to feel safe to travel through airports, events, and enter public buildings. With partners, we are developing a nationwide IT architecture for monitoring COVID-19 testing of individuals and authenticating that they are virus-free before re-entering their workplace, public facility, or event with large crowds. The DetectWise offering also includes modular components that can be combined or deployed individually at sites - provides a turnkey health assessment, in-person health screening, self decontamination, and on-site testing. DetectWise sensors offer a quick, touchless health screening (fever, respiratory, heart rate, etc). DetectWise Modular Lab is a medical consultation and testing booth which leverages a connex box to enable medical staff to do COVID-19 testing while staying safe from contracting the virus. We have also adapted this concept to construction and other secure sites which require Screening and Decontamination of personnel/handheld equipment before entry and exit of a workplace.

Digital Transformation

Our IT advisory, implementation, operations, and management services support continuity-of-operations business planning, telework, and secure network operations. As an example, we have virtualized traffic management and other operations centers for our clients to enable staff to work remotely without disruption to mission-critical operations during the COVID-19 crisis.


Parsons is integrating our existing open source intelligence, analytics, and operations software solutions with existing biosensors and emerging technology related to COVID-19 sensing.  Our integrated bio-surveillance solution aims to identify and monitor COVID-19 virus and other pathogens in crowded areas such as subways and mass transit facilities. Our partnerships with leading research institutions enable us to quickly bring new sensing solutions into our solution architecture.


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For over seven decades, we’ve been on the frontlines responding to unforeseen tragedies around the world – from developing FEMA temporary housing solutions after different natural disasters to providing relief following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast and Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast United States.

COVID-19 is no exception. Our unrivaled capabilities in program and build management, intelligent systems, logistics and supply chain management – coupled with our ability to rapidly mobilize resources – allow us to respond swiftly in times of need.



What the world looks like after COVID-19 will depend on the decisions we make today – decisions that are key to restoring our communities and connecting people with the places they value most.

Places like schools. Following Hurricane Katrina, our team worked around the clock to restore 19 schools – in some cases, within days – to serve the returning population. We rise in times of need. And we will continue to rise together to support federal, state, and local agencies in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.



We specialize in resiliency planning, maintaining continuity of operations, and enabling mission-critical activities to continue even when personnel are remotely working.

Malicious actors have increased activities during the COVID-19 crisis. Our solutions can detect these activities, protect networks against cyber incursions and ensure the IT and operational technology of our clients in the critical infrastructure sectors, Federal, state and local governments remain secure.

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