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Lompoc Regional Wastewater Reclamation Plant


Our Water and Wastewater Market Presence

Parsons' experience in this market place is extensive, but focuses on the following areas:

  • Water: Parsons helps municipalities, utilities, government, and private industry with a full range of water resource engineering and construction services. We provide field monitoring, hydrodynamic modeling, wetlands delineation, mitigation planning, and other tools.
  • Municipal Wastewater: Parsons is a leader in wastewater engineering and construction, including process development, program and construction management, startup and commissioning.  Parsons brings extensive experience in biosolids management including solids thickening, advanced digesting technologies, alkaline stabilization, dewatering, and beneficial use programs.
  • Industrial Wastewater and Groundwater: Parsons is a leading provider of industrial wastewater and groundwater treatment engineering and construction services for the chemical/petrochemical; life sciences; food and beverage; and refinery industry.  Our experience in the life science industry is unparalleled, and includes several cutting-edge, first-in-class projects.  Our services include process development, detailed design, construction management, startup and commissioning, and operations.
  • Related Infrastructure: We are a leader in the safe and competitive construction of water and wastewater projects. We construct dams, pump stations, sewer pipelines, water/wastewater treatment plants, and water transportation pipelines—safely and efficiently—and we participate in public and private partnerships to bring or arrange for alternative financing.
  • Ports and Harbors: Parsons marine facilities capabilities are concentrated in the following areas:  port and harbor development; cruise, container and general cargo facility development; waterfront and deep water marine facility planning, design and construction; modernization, expansion and conversion of existing marine facilities; and, dredge-fill land reclamation.