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Rail and Transit Systems

WMATA Station

WMATA Metro Station - Washington, D.C.

Diverse services and solutions: shared success

Whether it’s designing and implementing a new rail line, upgrading an obsolete process, or expanding an existing system, Parsons provides engineering and project management services for the planning, design, integration, and construction support of all elements of mass transit and mainline railways. Partnering with transportation agencies and railroads, we develop economical solutions and innovative project delivery methods for all forms of rail and busway projects. We have worked on every major transit system in North America and many of the most renowned systems overseas. We’re proud of the long-term relationships we’ve developed with more than 400 major transit agencies around the world and the support we’ve provided in helping them achieve their strategic visions. 

We offer our customers a wide range of services to meet their rail and transit needs:

  • Planning, design, program, and construction management
  • Advanced train control systems
  • Transit communications and security
  • Rail control centers
  • Vehicle technology
  • Fare collection and electronic payment systems
  • Program management
  • Systems test and startup
  • Civil and structural facilities design
  • Integrated delivery of infrastructure and systems elements
Hiawatha Light Rail tracks running under an overpass

Hiawatha Light Rail - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Keeping pace with technology and urban growth

Exponential growth in urban centers, coupled with the increasing cost of developing transportation solutions, means that transit projects cannot progress from planning to implementation fast enough.  Customers require solutions that involve long-term strategies with a focus on making every plan constructible, cost effective, and acceptable to the public. We ensure that the project will operate as intended, whether through pedestrian and vehicle access, integration with adjacent land uses, or strategies to maintain mobility and circulation during and after construction.

These are exciting times for railroads and public transit agencies. New technology is creating opportunities that improve operations and the entire passenger experience such as communications-based train control (allows trains to operate with shorter headways than classic signaling systems) and remote train/driverless train operations (reduces operating costs and increases capacity). Many cities and communities have not seen such expansive improvements for decades—yet new opportunities bring technical and commercial challenges, and operations are facing many vital decisions about how and when to implement these emerging technologies.

Ensuring success requires the right balance of experienced technical input, effective design, and efficient project management. Parsons is unique within our industry—focusing our resources to provide this balanced and integrated approach for customers who are implementing advanced technology into their new or existing operations. Our extensive experience with major rail projects, exceptional depth of personnel worldwide, and ability to combine technology with innovation to overcome any challenge solidifies Parsons’ highly regarded position in the industry.