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HMC - backhoe and workers cutting ditch in front of housing for water lines

Hawaii Military Communities
Oahu and Kauai, Hawaii

Progress is certain with Parsons

From bridges and highways to waterways and nuclear power plants, Parsons has been developing, building, and changing the world’s infrastructure for nearly 70 years. As a leading full-service civil engineering firm, we serve as an extension of our customer’s staff to help design, build, and modernize infrastructure that improves the quality of life, promotes economic growth, enhances mobility, achieves sustainability standards, and supports our customer’s visions.

At Parsons, challenges mean solutions. Serving as both a leader and a partner to government agencies, local contractors, and commercial owners, we apply the lessons learned from our decades of experience supporting communities through our prompt assessments and far-ranging infrastructure projects to resolve the need for new or rehabilitated infrastructure created by population growth, aging infrastructure, resource limitations, national legislation, and environmental considerations.

From project startup through project closeout, we share the goals of our customers through the construction and management of infrastructure in every market sector:

Communications. We are a partner in a global marketplace that requires rapid responses and innovative solutions. For more than 50 years, we have planned, designed, and constructed systems for command and control, satellite transmission, public and private networks, cable and fiber optics, and telephone, mobile, and point-to-point radio data transmission.

Education. We’ve been providing program and construction management for K–12 schools, community colleges, and universities for more than 40 years. This experience has taught us how to maximize funding, scheduling demands, and safety while meeting new design and educational code requirements and staffing challenges—all while maintaining the innovation expected in successful learning environments. We know what works, we understand our customer’s requirements, and we team with educational leaders to build facilities that accommodate student potential and future growth. In fact, Parsons was the first program management team selected for the largest school construction program in history—the Los Angeles Unified School District’s modernization program.

Southern Nevada Water Authority - two workers beside two orange colored water pumps

Southern Nevada Water Authority Capital Improvements Program - Las Vegas, Nevada

Energy. While major energy producers, consumers, and the federal government invest money to reduce energy consumption and its carbon footprint, we are developing state-of-the-art technologies, facilities, and weapons complexes. As an industry leader in nuclear power since 1948, Parsons acts as the owner’s representative to design and build new plants, upgrade existing plants, and plan and oversee unit shutdowns. And our global resources, technical expertise, and proven management tools allow us to execute the exploration and recovery of petroleum—often in remote locations and harsh environments—all over the world.

Government Services. Our federal facilities portfolio includes more than 430,000 buildings on 650 million acres throughout the nation—with many buildings more than 60 years old. Given the need for new facilities, which is driven by base realignment and closure (BRAC), global repositioning of troops, and increases in military strength for the U.S. Army and Marines, Parsons supports its federal customers—and the environment—by designing to LEED standards and developing energy management plans based on energy audits and life-cycle asset management support.

Transportation. Parsons has the scope, resources, people, and experience to deliver world-class performance on projects ranging from the largest airports and most demanding bridges, critical highways, and rail links/advanced transit systems to the sophisticated control and communications systems that support them. We’re your one source for end-to-end design-build transportation engineering capabilities that range from expert multidisciplinary planning through all phases of construction and implementation, to maintenance, improvements, and beyond.

Water/Wastewater. We are a leader in the safe and competitive construction of water and wastewater projects. We construct dams, pump stations, sewer pipelines, water/wastewater treatment plants, and water transportation pipelines—safely and efficiently—and we participate in public and private partnerships to bring or arrange for alternative financing.

Our expertise in diverse markets, reputation as a leader in critical infrastructure projects, resources, and commitment to innovative solutions demonstrate our ability to reduce costs, meet aggressive schedules, and achieve the rigorous standards set by customers in the public and private sector.