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Project team below the NIF sphere

National Ignition Facility - California

Taking energy conservation to the next level

Limited resources and growing energy demands are creating a resurgence in the nuclear power market. Parsons is positioned to act as the owner’s representative for the design and construction of new plants, upgrades to existing plants, and the planning and oversight of unit shutdowns. Our new and innovative technologies are optimizing the sustainability and profitability of nuclear utility companies anywhere in the world. As an industry leader in nuclear power since 1948, our specialized, worldwide staff can mobilize quickly to manage large, complex programs, mitigate critical technical and resource needs, and offer a wide range of energy conservation services.

Nuclear waste specialists. Parsons has recognized nuclear waste specialists, program managers, professional engineers, skilled craftworkers, and construction managers with extensive radiological and facility design and safety experience.

Vast array of services. Our services include licensing support, environmental studies, design reviews, construction oversight, and audit and field verifications.

Expertise. Our specialists are skilled in program management, project controls, planning, design, engineering, technological research, fabrication, mitigation, construction management, and operations. We’ve delivered cost-effective, reliable technology at 90% of the nuclear and chemical agent demilitarization complexes in the United States, Eastern Europe, and the Ukraine.

Parsons is currently supporting such industries as nuclear power, defense, disarmament, waste treatment, homeland security, energy, and laser research—both domestically and internationally.

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